All proceeds support the SJR Fund.

The SJR Fund supports enhancements to the annual operation of Saint Joseph Regional High School. Gifts are unrestricted and toward initiatives that improve and enhance the student experience. The SJR Fund is ‘for the boys.’ The school’s Day of Giving supports The SJR Fund.

Recent Improvements:

  • Enhanced scholarship/financial aid offerings for incoming students
  • New gaming/community space
  • More places for the boys to be themselves (Outdoor Basketball, Golf Hitting Bays)
  • Increased clubs and activities (Social Media, TV studio/Streaming)
  • School-wide free lunch and celebration after wrestling state championship
  • Donnelly Scholars trip to NYC and to NJ state house
  • Transportation for volunteer opportunities in Newark and Paterson

Future Upgrades:

  • More recreational opportunities for the boys after school hours
  • Facility improvements to increase safety and comfortability for students
  • Expansion of transportation routes for new students
  • Strengthening club moderator and athletic coaching staffs
  • Commitment to school-wide, faith-based initiatives
  • Enhanced (and healthier) dining options for students and faculty